Do you have ambitious growth plans and need to scale quickly? Maybe you head up a multinational and want to achieve global alignment? Perhaps your organisation’s going through complex change and you need help engaging your people to commit to your vision?

I work with businesses and organisations that want to grow, improve or change successfully, but don’t yet have the internal capacity or experience to achieve it.

In particular, I specialise in helping senior management tackle huge organisation and leadership challenges.

Support, the way you need it

Usually, I partner with an organisation’s executive team and report to the CEO or chair. As an interim exec, project manager or consultant, I’ve also reported to the CHRO or to the COO.

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Depending on your needs, I can work with you as:

  • A non-executive director.
  • A board member.
  • An interim consultant.
  • An employed member of the executive team.

Jeanette is a consummate professional. I have worked with her in several settings, both in mainland Europe and in the UK, where she was the Chief People Officer of a major global fashion brand and a global consumer goods design and manufacturing brand, respectively.

Jeanette is a visionary leader who can see the big picture and define future ways of working. I have seen her lead complex programmes delivering operational excellence and strengthening business capability. Suppliers are worked harder and staff are challenged and empowered.

Katherine Corich,
worked with JKP in her role as Chair and Founder,
Sysdoc Group

From strategy to action

However you’d like me to fit into your organisation, I’ll help you make great leaps forwards with both top-level strategy and hands-on practical implementation.

I’ll translate overarching business strategies and aspirations into tactical people plans to deliver them effectively. And I’ll help ensure you not only have the right people in the right place, but that your people are fully aligned and motivated to achieve your business plan.

I’ll also help you create or maintain a fun, rewarding culture. So your people feel they’re learning, developing and being enriched, and have a really positive experience at work.

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Bernard W Dan,
worked with JKP in his role as President of a Cargill Inc global financial services BU

Jeanette led very complex human resource projects that involved an international workforce and required integration with the largest private company in the US (over 100,000 people). Her strong project management skills enabled her to deliver expected results on time and under budget.

Jeanette was very focused and led by example. She is an open, honest and direct communicator who welcomes feedback. She is an effective listener and processes information quickly which gives those around her the confidence to embrace her style.

Jeanette’s connectivity and understanding of the needs of others was so apparent when she chose to champion the Women of the Year awards. Her sponsorship enabled so many women to change their lives, and their families’ lives, for the better.

Jeanette brings with her a vast international network and is generous in sharing her knowledge and time to make any situation better. She will deliver whatever she is tasked with and more. I cannot rate Jeanette highly enough. She is a total pleasure to work with and be with.

Ellen Kerr,
worked with JKP in her role as Director, Merseyside Women of the Year

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