For me, people, culture and CSR play at a strategic commercial level. They have such a powerful, vital role in achieving growth, improvement or change.

Here are some of the most important aspects of how I’ll work with you and your people, underpinned by my guiding values.

See the
big picture
in detail

I’ll first work closely with you to understand your challenges and ambitions. Then I’ll learn about your company from the inside and quickly grasp the big picture, including what’s working and what isn’t.

I’ll work out how things are actually operating and where the influence really is so I can quickly recommend relevant solutions for improvement.

Be there and listen carefully

I’ll work from your offices, usually four or five days a week, so I can feel the pulse, sense when something’s not right and take action.

I’ll be among your people, talking and listening to them at every level, not just department heads. Because it may well be the insights of the receptionist or junior intern which can help us make a breakthrough.


By collaborating with teams and individuals I can agree relevant targets with them and ensure they’re accountable for the results.

When people have had a part in setting their targets, and understand all the benefits of achieving them, they’re much more motivated to aim for and deliver them.

Win with agility and common sense

I recognise that people and feelings can always derail a programme of change, growth or improvement. So I draw on intuition and years of experience rather than wielding a textbook.

Theory has its place, and I come armed with lots of knowledge. But I believe a pragmatic, agile, common sense approach always wins out.

Nurture and network

My style is coaching and encouraging with appreciative enquiry. I particularly focus on spotting and nurturing potential and connecting people who I think can work well together.

I know I don’t know it all, so I’m constantly building my own network of experts to support my work, and I usually know, or can locate, the right people to make things happen.

Have good fun
and encourage great results

With a strong sense of fun, I work hard to engage people with serious work in an enjoyable way.

I appreciate that people have a life outside work and I take an interest in that – because successful businesses recognise people for their unique talents, aspirations and personalities, and encourage them to bring their whole self to work.

Jeanette is very hard working and effective. She has a lot of excellent innovative ideas on how to change and improve things, has enormous energy and drive, and is very quick at learning new things.

Jeanette has a keen business understanding and colleagues describe her as energetic, proficient, thorough, thoughtful, professional, intelligent, positive, understanding and business focused. She leads by example and encourages people to grow – however she will always take ultimate responsibility. Jeanette will always give her best to any assignment.

Margaret Studer,
worked with JKP in her role as VP HR, EMEA
Cargill Inc

Drive change
to make a

The drive behind everything I do is making a positive difference – not just for organisations but for their people, the communities around them and, therefore, the wider world.

Behave with integrity

Integrity is crucial for me, both in how I work and behave and in choosing the companies I work with. I believe in being 100% reliable, completely honest and direct and giving very straightforward advice.

Work with vitality

Whatever I’m doing, I give it my all and keep energy levels high. I always aim to see the lighter side of life and view setbacks as a chance to bounce back even stronger.

Lead with vision

I keep the big commercial picture constantly in mind and lead from the front. I collaborate strongly to help others see and share the vision, but have the strength to make tough decisions when needed.

Jeanette is commercially strong and has been an asset to the business. She has worked hard to improve HR processes across the company, and she is a bright, dedicated person who has delivered above and beyond the targets we agreed.

Kevin White,
worked with JKP in his role as Chief Executive Officer,
Novartis CH

Jeanette has played an important part in improving HR contribution and processes up to, throughout and beyond our successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

In my opinion Jeanette has that highest quality that I as a manager would want in my employees - loyalty. When you are in the trenches, you want Jeanette in there with you. She is also long on honesty, even though you might not want to hear what she says. This attribute is very difficult to find in the market and makes Jeanette a special person. I always look forward to working with Jeanette and I'm sure we will continue to create value together in the future.

John Anderson,
worked with JKP in his role as Chairman,
888 Holdings plc

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